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Website Package

Single Family Home: Focused on the entire property as a personal residence.

Condo: Showcase the building and amenities with association fees.

Apartment Building: Highlight each unit with rental income.

Commercial Property: Describe the gross revenue from tenants and types of businesses that have rented the property.

Package Details

This package is for online marketing and web development. Michael E. Byczek will configure a hosting account in your name and register a domain name that corresponds to the property street address. You will be provided the username/password and assume full responsibility for account management once completed. You are responsible for emailing or otherwise delivering the photographs and videos, unless other arrangements are made in advance. Michael will prepare floor plans based upon your description of the property. He will also provide a report of comparable properties that are on the market to arrive at an appropriate listing price.

Online Marketing Package

You are responsible for emailing or otherwise delivering the videos, photos, and property description to Michael E. Byczek for him to create these marketing tools (unless other arrangements are made in advance).

He will configure a YouTube.com account in your name and provide you with the username/password, unless an account already exists. Client may select to receive an MPEG copy of the video for distribution yourself.

Property Description Package

Description of your property for use in online and print advertisements based upon property and neighborhood characteristics.

Michael E. Byczek will communicate with you to evaluate features and amenities. This includes real estate taxes, electrical, heating/cooling, construction, renovations, room layout, and other aspects that would appeal to prospective buyers.

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