Michael E. Byczek
Software Engineer

Patent Legal Coach
Consistently among the top ranked apps on iTunes for patent keyword

This app is a reference for small businesses and individual inventors to understand patent statutes. View the actual laws governing how to obtain a patent and the application process (search, drawings, claims, and written description).

View a guide to the U.S. patent system with the full statute (Title 35 of the U.S. Code) and rules from the Code of Federal Regulations (Part 1 of Title 37).

The Guide is organized into categories for the search, application, drawings, claims, fees, data sheet, designs, plants, infringement, and more.

Flip between three tabs to read provisions from each without scrolling back.

Patent claims from famous inventions are included: computer mouse, television, light bulb, 1-Click online shopping, music playlists, telephone, and airplane.

The C.F.R. are detailed rules for the patent statutes. For example, the U.S.C. merely states that drawings should be provided when necessary. The CFR describes the content of the drawings, such as how to submit partial views and margin size.

The developer, Michael E. Byczek, is licensed to practice law in Illinois and an Apple certified system administrator. His primary interest is intellectual property (patents, trademarks, and copyrights) and is in the process of registration with the USPTO.

Regular updates: The U.S.C. based upon The Office of the Law Revision Counsel (LRC) classification tables; C.F.R. (GPO e-CFR); U.S.P.T.O fee schedule

Software Screenshots

Guide Navigation Tab (iPhone)

Online Patent Videos (iPhone)

Full Statute Navigation Tab (iPhone)

Full CFR Navigation Tab (iPhone)

Detailed Information Provision (iPhone)

Guide Navigation Tab (iPad)

Online Patent Videos (iPad)

Full Statute Navigation Tab (iPad)

Full CFR Navigation Tab (iPad)

U.S. Code Provision (iPad)

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