Michael E. Byczek
Software Engineer

Cyber Security

My background in both software and hardware is ideal for developing cyber security strategies, preventing data breaches by keeping data safe, and analyzing cyber crime.

Assist companies to take preventative steps and reduce the impact of cyber risk to develop a comprehensive strategy to keep data safe.

There are billions of malware programs on the Internet with over a million new instances of code launched on a daily basis. Every month ransomware attacks compromise systems in the hundreds of thousands. (Symantec)

Targeted attacks span several months while intruders plot stealth methods to compromise corporate assets.

Importance to design, engineer, implement, and manage an overall information security strategy. This includes taking an inventory of all computers, devices, and software; verifying secure configurations for all hardware and software; continuous vulnerability assessments; and an aggressive malware defense.

Focused on understanding what is critical to business, data, systems, and infrastructure while considering how a hacker attack could impact the business.

The ability to articulate security issues to a broad audience is an advantage when working with software-based solutions for network, data, endpoint, database, and application security.

Insight includes intrusion detection, data loss prevention, web filtering, big data, firewalls, penetration tests, compliance validation (PCI, HIPAA, ISO, SOX, etc), ethical hackers, and innovative ways to stay in front of cyber security issues.

Cyber security resources: