Michael E. Byczek
Software Engineer

App Privacy Policy

The developer, Michael E. Byczek, is a licensed Illinois attorney. All apps have been developed to protect user privacy. The developer does not collect any user data. All apps that may involve user-input, such as automated PDF legal documents, only use that user-input to complete the documents. Nothing is retained by the app. The apps do not collect any data of any kind. The developer does not know the identity of any user who downloaded any app. Every app is fully described from the perspective of an attorney to fully inform users about all functionality of each app.

The only exception to user identity is that Google Pay may provide a developer with the account details of which account was used for payment between the user and developer through the Google Play Store. It is possible that the user's credit card will show a charge (i.e. 99 cents) by the Developer under the name of "Michael Byczek" or "Michael E. Byczek" as the merchant responsible for the charge. Google Pay may also provide Michael E. Byczek, through his Google Merchant account the identity of the user whose credit card was used for that app download. This is entirely the responsibility of how Google designed app download payment through the Google Play Store. This method of how a user might be identified by Google to the developer is independent of the app and is the same for all developer merchant accounts for Android app development and download. There have been times when Google has provided the developer with the user's name and billing address, which is the equivalent of e-commerce where an online seller is given the buyer's mailing address to send a package. Michael E. Byczek is an attorney and fully respects the privacy of all users who download his apps. In the event that Google, through the Google Play store, does reveal a username or mailing address, Michael E. Byczek does not use this information for any reason through legal ethics as a licensed professional.

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