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Single without Children Estate Plan

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The Charles Dickens book "Bleak House" published in 1853 is a fictional warning about the probate process (called "Chancery Court" in England versus "Probate Court" in the U.S).

The story revolves around the case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce, a probate case concerning a large inheritance with multiple wills and beneficiaries. The case has dragged on for generations, becoming so complicated that no one understands it anymore. The heirs, or would-be heirs, spend their lives waiting for a resolution. By the time the correct heirs appear to have finally been established, legal costs have devoured the whole estate.


Do you have a dog or cat? Collectibles? Jewelry? Clothes? Sports memorabilia? Family photos and home movies? Furniture? Own a smart phone, computer, or camera? Vehicle? Condo? Artwork or books? Bank account? Think about everything and anything that is your own.

What do you think will happen to these things after your death? Probably, not what you think. You may be surprised how easy it is for your own friends and relatives to literally throw everything away when you die.

In today's digital world, everybody has a digital footprint of some kind. Use social media as an example. Your family does not have the legal right to delete your account. It is also possible for tech companies to use your digital footprint to create virtual avatars (generated by artificial intelligence) using your actual social media photographs, video, and audio. The best way to protect your digital afterlife is to provide authority to the administrator of your estate to access these digital assets with the actual login credentials.

Most people don't like thinking about death or making such plans. The reality is that Probate Court is one of the most frustrating and unfair experiences that a family can go through after the death of a loved one. A Will gives you a chance to express your final wishes.

Michael E. Byczek is a licensed Illinois attorney. He has professional experience writing estate plans and appearing in Probate Court as an attorney.


This package is for those who are not married and don't have children. The Will is a fill-in-the-blank document for you to complete every provision yourself. A detailed explanation is included to fully understand the purpose of each provision along with relevant laws to understand legal requirements.

- Instructions and representative Illinois statutes that pertain to a Will
- Basic notarized Will (each individual page) that gives all property to one beneficiary
- Extended notarized Will (each individual page) that itemizes specific assets to different beneficiaries
- Notarized Self-Proving Affidavit for the two witnesses to authenticate the Will
- Username and Password Organizer (separate and private document to help family and friends access digital assets)

The Basic Will gives all your property to one beneficiary. The Extended Version allows itemize property distribution for one house, two vehicles, two financial accounts, three pets, and five lists for specific property (i.e. jewelry, coin collection, DVDs, etc).

A Will is legal without being notarized, but it is advised for the best possible protection. Each scenario has a notary option where each page is individually notarized to prevent pages from being switched.


These fill-in-the-blank documents are basic and may contain provisions that don't apply to your preferences. For example, your data executor is given authority and instructions to delete all your online accounts other than what might be considered a standard online obituary. Hiring an attorney is one way to fully customize these documents to suit your particular final wishes.

This package is for Illinois residents to write their estate plan. Those outside Illinois may refer to the documents and instructions for reference to write their Will themselves. The documents are Illinois-specific, but may be used as a template by those who want to learn more about estate plans. The documents and information are intended for non-commercial personal use.

Replaced an earlier Android Wills package

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