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Single with Minor Children Estate Plan

Google Play (Version 1.0) - 9/18/2021
Amazon Appstore (Version 1.0) - 9/22/2021

Removed on 4/22/2024 pending replacement app

If you are single with minor children, write an estate plan to protect your children and distribute your belongings, money, and assets upon your death instead of letting a court make these decisions.

Included with this app are the following information in tutorial format:

1. Notarized version of a basic Will
2. Notarized version of an extended Will
3. Notarized witness affidavit
4. Select statutes from Illinois to understand the legal aspects of a valid document

This app is the 5th of a six part series: 1 (Single without Children), 2 (Married without Children), 3 (Married with Minor Children), 4 (Married with Adult Children), 5 (Single with Minor Children), and 6 (Single with Adult Children).

The developer, Michael E. Byczek, is a licensed managing real estate broker and attorney in Illinois. He has been licensed as a broker since 2003 and an attorney since 2007. He was one of the first attorneys in the United States to develop legal apps for mobile devices starting with iOS in 2008 followed by Android in 2011.

The information is for Illinois, written by an Illinois attorney, but is presented in tutorial format to help anybody understand the basics of a Will regardless of where they reside.

This app does not allow the documents to be saved or downloaded. The information is only presented as a tutorial using actual legal documents to understand the process.

Users are welcome to write their own Will using the tutorial, information, and documents as a foundation.

Residents of Illinois may purchase the legal documents in PDF format directly from Michael E. Byczek through his virtual online legal store (www.byczeklaw.com).

Basic Version:
Extended Version:

Itemize property distribution for one house, two vehicles, two financial accounts, three pets, and five lists for specific property (i.e. jewelry, coin collection, DVDs, etc).

Notarized Version:

A Will is legal without being notarized, but it is advised for the best possible protection. Each scenario has a notary option where each page is individually notarized to prevent pages from being switched.

A notarized witness affidavit is also included. While not legally required, it is advised to prevent problems in probate court if a witness changes their mind or is unwilling to appear in court to testify.


This package is intended for residents in Illinois. Those outside Illinois may refer to the documents and instructions for reference to write a Will themselves that comply with their own local laws. The documents are Illinois-specific.

Legal services are not provided as part of this package. Michael E. Byczek does not represent you and will not provide any legal advice or assistance. Legal services are available for an additional fee, which requires an attorney-client agreement.

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