Michael E. Byczek
Software Engineer

AndroidTM App Development

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Wills Six simple fill-in-the-blank scenarios to write an estate plan.

View a tutorial with basic and extended Will provisions along with select Illinos statutes that explain the legal requirements for a Will.

1. Single without Children
2. Married without Children
3. Married with Minor Children
4. Married with Adult Children
5. Single with Minor Children
6. Single with Adult Children
Pet Guardianship Pet Guardianship

Who will care for your pets upon your death or during a medical emergency?

A Pet Guardianship Agreement is one document that should be included in an estate plan along with your Will, Trust, and/or Power of Attorney.
Rent Repayment Rent Repayment Plan

Legal documents and explanation of a rent repayment plan.

Avoid eviction through landlord and tenant agreement for unpaid rent.

Archive of prior apps not currently available

Byczek Law Services Available from Byczek Law

View legal services currently offered by Michael E. Byczek.

The App features a listing with descriptions and fees for intellectual property, real estate, estate plans, and other areas of legal representation.

Copyright Registration Copyright Registration

View a guide to United States copyright procedure.

The App features short videos, explanations, actual statutes, and examples of copyright registrations.

Marriage and Relationships Marriage and Relationships

Keep your marriage or relationship healthy by staying out of divorce.

View an overview of divorce law, provisions of a marital settlement, joint parenting agreement, statistics, actual Illinois statutes, and questions you'll be asked.

Famous Inventions and Patents Famous Inventions and Patents

Take a tour through 18 famous inventions (United States) that have transformed daily life.

Patents and relevant laws/rules are disclosed in tutorial format (search, application, drawings, and claims).

Trademark Legal Coach Trademark Legal Coach

Guide for business owners to understand the U.S. trademark system.

Included are the entire statute, selected rules, and a helpful guide that organizes the most important provisions for easy access.

Basic Legal Will Legal Will

Several different scenarios for Illinois residents. Married and unmarried individuals with or without adult or minor children.

Distribute real estate, vehicles, financial accounts, pets, and a list of property for individual beneficiaries.

Illinois Bill of Sale Illinois Bill of Sale

Prepare a contract to buy or sell up to six items of personal property. Enter the buyer, seller, and property descriptions.

Copyright Your Music
Copyright Your Music

Are you a musician? Bang out a nifty tune? Whistle a few notes? Don't let anybody hear your music because that individual will rush to the Copyright Office to register your creation. Now, you'll have to pay him/her each time you play the song! Unless... you get the copyright first!


Convert values for length, time, weight, temperature, speed, area, and volume.

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