Michael E. Byczek
Software Engineer

Mac® App Development

Apps Available for Download
Pet Estate Plan Pet Estate Plan

Pet-themed Estate Plan to protect your pets and yourself with in-app purchase options.

View a pet guardianship agreement and several versions of a Will for those who are single or married with or without children.
Repayment Rent Repayment Plan

Legal documents and explanation of a rent repayment plan.

Avoid eviction through landlord and tenant agreement for unpaid rent
Sales Real Estate Sales

Sell or Buy Real Estate without a Broker in Illinois.

View a sales contract, counteroffer form, bill of sale, mandatory disclosures, and complete tutorial.

Portfolio of past apps, not available for download

Copyright Registration Copyright Creativity

View a guide to United States copyright procedure.

The App features short videos, explanations, actual statutes, and examples of copyright registrations.

Basic Legal Will Legal Will

26 different scenarios for Illinois residents. Married and unmarried individuals with or without adult or minor children.

Distribute real estate, vehicles, financial accounts, pets, and a list of property for individual beneficiaries.

Illinois Bill of Sale Illinois Bill of Sale

Prepare a contract to buy or sell up to six items of personal property. Enter the buyer, seller, and property descriptions.


Convert values for length, time, weight, temperature, speed, area, and volume.

Phone Number Selection
Phone Number Selection

Use the Phone Number Selection app to create an alphanumeric version of a telephone number.

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